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Industrial Food Weighing Scales

Solutions to increase production efficiency, safety and quality.

METTLER TOLEDO’s industrial food weighing solutions are designed to quickly respond to the increasing demands for food safety, quality and regulatory compliance. Our solutions for material receiving, formulation, quality control, filling, batching, basic weighing and checkweighing help to increase your production efficiency. We offer highly accurate Industrial Food Scales for optimized production efficiency.

Please find below an overview on our food weighing scale and measuring solutions range that help enhance your business excellence.

  • Industrial Food Scales
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Recipe Weighing

Over/Under Checkweighing and Portioning
Bench scales particularly designed for over/under checkweighing applications

Compact scales 
Bench scales based on Monobloc technology provide maximum resolution whenever accuracy is key.

Floor, Pallet, Low Profile Scales
Stainless steel floor scales provide excellent weighing in wet, clean and hygienic environments

Overhead weighing
The overhead rail scales of the DO-line can easily be installed in tubular track systems. It offer accurate weighing.

Vehicle Weighing solutions 
Truck weighing is often integral to a company's throughput and profit stream.

Tank/Silo Weighing Solutions
Outdoor tanks must have safety features to protect the load cell during installation and operation. 

Statistical Quality Control
A user friendly all-in-one standalone solution for Statistical Quality Control.

Formulation/Recipe Weighing
Recipe Management System (RMS) is a unique solution to help food manufacturers

Hazardous Area
Weighing equipment in explosive areas must fulfill stringent regulatory requirements to ensure process safety.

Are all waterproof scale selections and digital weight scale selections safe for weighing vegetables?

Distribution centers for grocers, ready meals production facilities, and many other operations have a need for vegetable weighing scales. Consumers count on fresh produce to be regularly available, which is why it is important facilities are equipped with vegetable weighing scales. A waterproof scale can be used to weigh vegetables, but a weighing scale for food should be more than just waterproof, it should also be accurate. Weighing scale accuracy class can be defined as what level of readability a scale falls in to, and most operations which need to weigh vegetables opt for scales with lower readability.

Some common questions surrounding vegetable weighing scales and industrial scales include:

  • Can a digital weight scale for food weigh any size vegetable?
  • What is an average weighing scale price for a vegetable scale?
  • What is the average weighing scale accuracy class for vegetable weighing scales?
  • Where can I buy industrial scales and waterproof scales food processing equipment?
  • Are there weighing scale manufacturers I can buy from?
  • Are waterproof scales food processing equipment suppliers available globally?
  • What is the difference in weighing scale price for a vegetable weight scale depending on accuracy?
  • Are waterproof scale solutions easier to clean?
  • Are waterproof scales for food processing safe to use for other applications?

We can answer these weighing scale accuracy class questions and are your best option when you need a weighing scale for food.

Are digital food scales accurate to weight scale industrial standards?

When formulating food recipes and weighing food products, cleanliness and accuracy are both very important. A hygienic design helps to ease the cleaning process and eliminate contamination risk, while accuracy ensures that product attributes such as taste and texture are consistent batch-to-batch. Digital weighing technology and POWERCELL® technology offer superior accuracy to analog technology. Many models also offer designs created specifically for ease of cleaning in food applications.   

Where can I buy a seafood scale?

If you are searching for a seafood scale, a bench scale is a good solution to meet your needs. Check also our Segment Newsletter for Meat, Poultry and Seafood with solutions for seafood scale – and many other industrial bench scale offerings.


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