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840 Manual Label Printer

Small Footprint for Backroom Optimization

The METTLER TOLEDO 840 Manual Label Printer is the ideal choice for grocery retailers who want to equip the meat backroom or look for a powerful label printer for priced-by-weight or by-count prepacked items in the deli or produce areas. The 840 Manual Label Printer enables retailers to enhance their backroom with a hand wrap station that excels in manual weighing and fast labeling. 

840 Manual Label Printer
Specifications - 840 Manual Label Printer
Description Manual weigh price label printer designed to enhance backrooms with a hand wrap station.
Printing speed 150 mm/s
Label Printer Direct thermal print head
Platter Construction Stainless steel
Capacity 60 lb.
Temperature range 23 ˚F–104 ˚F
Power 240 VAC, Single Phase 50 – 60 Hz, 4 A
Memory 34 MB
Operating systems Embedded Linux OS
Performance Advanced
Features Easy to use. Large label roll. Fast label printing.
Configuration Manual
Material Number(s) 30275302

Easy to Use

With its intuitive touchscreen, the 840 Manual Label Printer guides employees quickly through the labeling process, reducing training time needed. More experienced operators can enter PLUs using the tactile numeric keypad for even faster results.

840 Manual Label Printer
840 Manual Label Printer

Fewer Label Roll Changes

Thanks to its large 9 in. label roll capacity, the 840 Manual Label Printer requires fewer roll changes and achieves superior operational uptime. The easy access, front-loading drawer allows roll changes to be completed quickly.

840 Manual Label Printer
840 Manual Label Printer

High-Performance Printer

Achieving a print speed of up to 150 mm/s, the 840 Manual Label Printer provides in high-volume, weight-independent price labeling applications – whether in grocery backrooms or in deli stores for priced-by-count, prepacked items.

840 Manual Label Printer
840 Manual Label Printer



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840 Manual Label Printer
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