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Ariva Integrated Checkout Scales

Superior transaction speeds offer faster checkout processes and shortened weighing times for your busy shoppers. The Ariva checkout scales are the ultimate solution for optimized checkouts. With their low power consumption, Ariva offers a reduced cost of ownership and enhanced sustainability. The new USB interface simplifies integration. The Ariva is integrated with Honeywell, NCR, and Datalogic scanners.

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Robust Design

Checkout scales must meet the highest standards in reliability and speed. At the same time, they are exposed to rigorous use and a variety of risks that could impair function – from water droplets to dirt particles to foreign objects, such as paper clips and debris, which could potentially get into the scales. Ariva checkout scales mitigate these risks with an exceptionally robust design that effectively protects the interior of the scale and the weighing mechanics from operational problems due to dirt and fluids.


Display Compatibility

All Ariva checkout scales are compatible with the METTLER TOLEDO VCODisp (Virtual Checkout Display) application, bright weight only display, and bright price-computing display. Retailers who weigh at the cash register can display cash register and weighing information together on the cash register monitors. This means there is no need for a separate scale monitor, creating more space and visual simplicity at the checkout.


Ease of Integration

The Ariva checkout scales connect to most point-of-sale systems for checkout applications, and to personal computers for many other applications that require weight data.The Ariva checkout scales are available in three designs – for use with bioptic scanners, for installation of horizontal scanners, and as a stand-alone scale without scanning. A number of popular scanners are supported, including models from Datalogic (e.g., MAGELLAN 9800i), NCR (e.g., RealPOS 7874) and Honeywell.

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