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Single Channel Pipettes

Exceptionally Precise with Superior Ergonomics

A single channel pipette is a handheld mechanical instrument used in many life science laboratories. Single channel pipettes accurately transfer small to medium volumes of liquids (typically 1 µL to 20 mL) through individual tips. Rainin single channel pipettes are highly accurate, extremely tough and come with autoclavable liquid ends.

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Advantages of Rainin Single Channel Pipettes

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What are the different types of single channel pipettes?

Single channel pipettes are available in manual and electronic models. The volume of liquid transfer, required precision and degree of repetition are factors to consider when choosing between the two. Single channel pipettes are compatible with almost all plasticware and glassware available to life science laboratories (e.g., PCR tubes, well plates, cuvettes and glass bottles).

Why should I use a single channel pipette?

Single-channel pipettes can be used to transfer liquids for many applications in life science due to their compact size and flexibility to adjust volumes. Single-channel pipettes can transfer any liquid sample from 1 µL to 20 mL from/to any plasticware or glassware including PCR tubes, well plates, microplates, cuvettes, flasks, petri dishes, vials, glass bottles, etc.

What makes a Rainin single channel pipette unique?

There are many single-channel pipettes offered on the market. But there are two reasons why Rainin single-channel pipettes are unique:

  • They use the revolutionary LiteTouch System (LTS) which greatly reduces tip loading and ejection forces for better ergonomics and maximum comfort.
  • Rainin single-channel pipettes demonstrate consistent and repeatable liquid delivery. With proper technique and recommended pipette tips, Rainin single-channel pipettes deliver samples accurately with minimal liquid loss.