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Multichannel Adjustable Spacer Pipet-Lite XLS

Multichannel Adjustable Spacer Pipet-Lite XLS

Quickly move samples between formats

Fast Spacing Change

A continuously variable spacing mechanism lets you quickly set spacing between the channels to any value between 9 and 19 mm (6 channels) or 9 and 14 mm (8 channels), at the same time ensuring identical spacing between all channels.

Absolutely consistent sample pickup

Patented LTS tip and nozzle design provides exceptionally easy multichannel tip mounting. Perfect sealing – first time, every time – without rocking or hand-tightening. Try it – you’ll be amazed how easy it is to get absolutely consistent sample pickup across all channels.

Reproducible Nozzle Spacing

Two controls, Limit and Spacing,allow smooth, precise and lockable adjustment. Set the desired spacing with the Limit control and change to the set point with the Spacing control. Easy-to-read millimeter scale provides a visual aid to spacing without guessing.


Pipette models and tech specs

Products and Specs
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Volume Range
Volume Increment



Pipet-Lite XLS
Operating instructions for the Rainin Pipet-Lite XLS+ single-channel, multichannel. and adjustable spacer manual pipettes.


XLS+ Multichannels Brochure
This document provides an overview of how the XLS+ multichannel pipettes raise the bar on multichannel pipetting and performance.
XLS+ Pipette Family Brochure
An overview of the features and benefits of the XLS+ pipette family, including performance, comfort and control.


Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer Datasheet
This document provides a technical overview of the Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer and how it puts a new twist on pipetting with its 6- or 8-channel...


SmartStand - Declaration of Conformity
SmartStand - Declaration of Conformity
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