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Aspirator QuickFlow 4L

Vacuum Aspirator for Cell Cultures. The Rainin QuickFlow Portable Aspirator. Ergonomic handle; 3 adapters fit Pasteur pipette, 1 or 8 universal-fit pipette tips. 4-liter bottle; quick-snap connectors, tubing. Variable speed. Non-contact liquid level sensor. Autoclavable, fits inside hood.

Improved ergonomics

Switching to continuous mode on the QuickFlow handle eliminates the need to repeatedly press and hold the aspiration button.

Guaranteed safety

The robust non-contact liquid level sensor prevents overflow. Simple, self-sealing snap connectors keep any contamination inside the bottle.

Workflow flexibility

Single channel, 8-channel and glass Pasteur pipette adapters. From flasks to plates to tubes, QuickFlow adapts to your applications.

Specifications - Aspirator QuickFlow 4L
Material Number(s) 30519826


Benchtop Aspirator

Handle kits QuickFlow Standard
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Aspirator QuickFlow 4L


Bagged Pipette Tips

Gel-Well Pipette Tips

Tips GelWell 0.17mm 250 µL GT-250-2
Gel-Well 0.17mm, 200 tips in 1 rack
Tips GelWell 0.37mm 250 µL GT-250-4
Gel-Well 0.37mm, 200 tips in 1 rack
Tips GelWell 0.57mm 250 µL GT-250-6
Gel-Well 0.57mm, 200 tips in 1 rack

Green Pak Refills

Low Retention Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips RC UNV 250µL L 1000A/1
1000 Low retention tips in bags

Pipette Tip Racks Removable Cover Racks

SpaceSaver Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips GPS UNV 250µL 960A/10
Pipette Tips GPS UNV 250µL L 960A/10
Pipette Tips GPS UNV 250µL S 960A/10
Pipette Tips GPS UNV 250µL LS 960A/10

Terra Rack

960 tips in 10 racks
960 tips in 10 racks

Wide Orifice Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips RC UNV 250µL W 1000A/1
1000 tips in 1 bag
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