DataBridge™ Vehicle Scale Software
Load Cell 0782-30t 13m
IND9U Unattended Terminal Family

What is weighbridge software?

Management software can give users control of scale functions on their computer and store a detailed record of each weighing transaction. From standard functions like generating reports and tickets, to advanced options such as unattended terminal controls, invoicing, and image capture, this highly configurable package gives your organization a powerful tool for capturing and analyzing data.

What types of weighbridge software are available?

There is a large variety of weighbridge software available for purchase. It is important to seek a provider who has a solution that can fit your exact requirements, or write a custom solution if not. This ensures efficiency in your weighbridge application.

The most common weighbridge software is software used for transaction management, or buying and selling over the scale in legal-for-trade applications. This software helps to eliminate manual ticketing, which comes with many benefits, including:

  • Better efficiency at the truck scale – meaning fewer delays caused by manual ticketing and transaction management.
  • Ensured accuracy in ticketing – leading to more accurate inventory control and an overall clearer picture of what is coming in and out of a facility.
  • Elimination of scale cheating scenarios – many people don't know that cheating at the scale is a common problem with legal-for-trade truck scales or weighbridges. There are several ways to cheat a truck scale, and if there are no measures in place to prevent them, it can be easy.

What does a weighbridge operator do?

Weighbridge operators check delivery paperwork, monitor transactions, and record the weight of trucks arriving and leaving the depot, factory or site.

What are the available vehicle software management solutions?

DataBridge scalehouse software can automate your vehicle-weighing operation. Whether your business has been operating for years or is just getting started, this powerful software package can make your job easier and your business more profitable.

Does METTLER TOLEDO have a mobile weighing application for processing truck transactions?

Yes, DataBridge Express is a mobile application available to truck drivers to improve the weighing process.

Is there a cost effective software program from METTLER TOLEDO?

The DataBridge SS software management system is our cost-effective software solution. This software allows you to start processing truck scale transactions quickly, eliminate manual data entry, compile reports with a single click, and much more.