DataBridge™ Vehicle Scale Software

Fast and Accurate Transactions.Transaction Management Software for Vehicle Scales

Faster Transactions

Speed up transactions by 50% when compared to traditional ticketing systems. Select predefined data and presets to streamline data entry.

Fewer Errors

DataBridge pulls weight data directly from the scale, eliminating costly human errors and automating your process.

Improved Operational Visibility

Store all records in an optimized and secure database. Compile fully formatted reports in seconds, eliminating paperwork and saving time.

Material No.: 61046589001

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Specifications - DataBridge™ Vehicle Scale Software
20 GB free HDD space
8 GB RAM (minimum)
Intel i5 or i7 processor (2.4 GHz minimum)
Windows® 10 or Windows® 11 64-bit
User Interface
Terminal Type
Scale type

Scalable Software

DataBridge is designed to fit your business, with multiple options depending on your needs. DataBridge SS is ideal for operations with 1-2 truck scales. DataBridge MS is suited for sites with multiple scales. And DataBridge ES is our enterprise solution.

DataBridge SS for Simple Processing

Databridge SS simplifies your scalehouse with automated transactions. Process trucks easily with the user-friendly interface, choosing between a standard computer screen or touchscreen. A great solution for small to mid-size operations.

DataBridge MS for High Volume Sites

DataBridge MS has weight curve functionality, monitoring for abnormalities and fraud in real time. For high volume and unattended sites at risk of theft, mitigating any cheating risks is key to profitability. DataBridge MS can connect to multiple scales.

DataBridge ES for Multiple Sites

DataBridge helps you achieve daily targets with better material tracking and inventory planning. DataBridge ES provides centralized data management for multiple sites, connecting all with a shared database. Custom programs are also available.

DataBridge Express Touchless Solution

DataBridge Express keeps drivers in their cabs by enabling them to manage transactions from their mobile phone. This solution is best suited for operations with a dedicated fleet.




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DataBridge™ Vehicle Scale Software