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What is a postal scale? Postal scale and shipping scale are scales that are perfect for postal applications, such mailrooms, offices, warehouse pa...

What is a postal scale?
Postal scale and shipping scale are scales that are perfect for postal applications, such mailrooms, offices, warehouse packing stations, shipping departments and retail parcel stores.A postal scale can help you perform your routine weighing tasks quickly and accurately. METTLER TOLEDO postage scales are the perfect basic solution for applications in which simple weighing is needed.

2. What applications use a digital postage scale?
Digital mail scale and digital postal scale offerings are multi-functional for accurate weighing in a variety of applications—from self-service and sorting to point-of-sale and dynamic weighing. Our BC postal scales were designed with the needs of mailrooms, offices, warehouse packing stations, shipping departments and retail parcel stores in mind.

3. How can a digital postage scale improve efficiency?
In postal weighing applications, speed and accuracy are critical. Enhance productivity with speedier processes and make the weighing process easier for operators by using our digital mail scale in your mailroom, shipping area or retail parcel store today. Designed for fast and easy weighing, six clearly structured large format keys with tactile feedback combine with the simple to use LCD display for fast and clear results. They are easily connected to PCs with multiple options for connectivity, including serial, USB, virtual serial, keyword wedge, Ethernet and Bluetooth. These postal scales are easy to use with an intuitive interface with a graphical display that has functional soft keys and a navigation keypad. Built to withstand over 500% overload while still weighing accurately, the BC Postal Scales were designed with the demands of a fast-paced shipping environment in mind.

4. How are METTLER TOLEDO postal scales different than other companies' scales?
In addition to a great product, we also offer service for postal scales. We are offer a global service network that is fully trained in all postal and shipping applications. From postcards to heavy parcels, METTLER TOLEDO supplies the top solutions for weighing, dimensioning and sorting. Our many years of experience serving many national postal organizations, express shippers and postal suppliers has given us the know-how to provide you with the best postal scales and solutions for your application.

5. What is a postal scale used for?
A postal scale is used to accurately weigh mail, documents, parcels and packages to determine the postage or tariff cost for the delivery. The maximum weight accepted by post offices is 70 lb (30 kg) and by shipping carriers is 150 lb (60 kg).
Postal scales are designed for either :

  1. Consumer use –  low cost, lower quality, for consumer-paid postage.
  2. Business use – high usage, higher quality, postage or shipping costs paid by business or others. Scale may be Legal for Trade.
A high quality postal scale, like METTLER TOLEDO's BC scale, is perfect for workplaces such mailrooms, offices, warehouse packing stations, receiving / shipping departments and retail parcel stores. It can help you perform your routine weighing tasks quickly and accurately.  
  • The digital postal scale can communicate the weight data directly to your PC's shipping software to avoid manual typing errors.
  • The scale can provide faster processing through subtractive weighing of items out of a large bin on the scale.
  • For commercial mail (e.g. flyers, newsletters, etc.), the scale can be used for simple counting. The scale will divide the total weight by the average piece weight to provide an accurate count.
6. How do I get a postal scale?
There are many different suppliers and manufacturers of postal scales and postage scales. Some high quality scales, such as METTLER TOLEDO’s BC scale, can be purchased online, directly from local scale distributors, or directly from the scale manufacturer. In order to choose the right scale,

1.   Determine the maximum capacity of the scale and the smallest readability required. Typical postal readability is 0.1 oz or 1 g. Typical shipping readability is 0.05 lb or 20 g.

2.    Determine the necessary scale platform size and material (e.g. steel or plastic) to best suit your weighing needs. 300 x 350 mm is typical.

3.    Determine what kind of digital connectivity is required to connect to your PC or host device. Most PCs only have USB ports.

Buying the right scale from a proper supplier or manufacturer will maximize your total cost of ownership and guarantee reliable service.

METTLER TOLEDO offers the BC Postal Scale as an NTEP and OIML approved Legal-for-Trade scale with proven reliability and accuracy via thorough testing.

Because a scale is a very critical component to ensure that the postal and shipping operations can be productive and cost effective, it is important to purchase a rugged, reliable and accurate scale even though it may cost more.

7. How do you weigh packages?
You can weigh packages or parcels by using a reliable and accurate postal and postage scales that have a maximum capacity higher than the package's weight and a minimum capacity lower than the package's weight.
With the scale powered up, make sure nothing is touching or inhibiting the scale platter. Observe that the scale display shows zero, otherwise press the zero key. Place the package on the scale and make sure that the package is not touching the table or floor if its size exceeds the platter's dimensions. Observe the weight on the scale's display once it stabilizes. Scales like METTLER TOLEDO digital mail scale can transmit the weight data to a PC or host device. The transmission can be automatic or upon request by the PC or host device. Communication is typically by RS-232, USB, Bluetooth, or Ethernet.  

8. What happens if shipping weight is wrong?
If the shipping weight is wrong, it will affect the calculated shipping charges. No matter if you are the shipper or a postal or carrier company, the wrong shipping weight will affect your operation’s costs. For example, as a shipper, if your package's shipping weight is lower than the actual weight measured by your carrier, you will have underestimated your costs which will affect your margins at the point of sale. Furthermore, the carrier will re-bill you for the discrepancy. Based on the amount of error, a penalty may also be charged.

The shipping weight is also used to verify that items have been properly received when they move from one carrier's distribution center to another during transit. Therefore, if a weight is wrongly recorded at one center, it will lead to unnecessary audits and slower delivery times.

Sometimes the shipping weight error is not due to the scale measurement but the result of poor data recording by the operator. A digital scale with a communication interface to a PC helps to eliminate such errors.

Using a certified scale brand that is Legal for Trade ensures the reliability and accuracy of your measurements. Scales like METTLER TOLEDO postal scales are fully tested and approved to global standards under varying conditions such as temperature and humidity to ensure reliable accuracy.

9. What is the best postale scale?
A high quality digital postal scale will typically have Global Weights and Measure approvals: NTEP (USA), Metrology Canada, and OIML / EC for Europe and the rest of the world. In addition, the safety approvals of UL, cUL, and CE provide evidence of a well-designed scale that has been highly tested.

A good postal scale needs to be rugged and reliable to handle many weighing cycles accurately each day especially when used in a logistics hub or distribution center. Metal plate frames or aluminum die-cast frames with a stainless steel platter hold up the best against rough handling that could arise when someone drops a heavy package or parcel on the scale.

Digital postage scales that provide a flexible and easy data interface are the best option since most shipping operations require connectivity to PCs or mobile devices to record weight data automatically.

METTLER TOLEDO BC Postal and Shipping Scale meets Global Weights and Measure approvals (OIML, NTEP, Metrology Canada) and safety approvals (CE, UL, cUL) with proven reliability and accuracy via thorough testing. The BC scale with its aluminum die-cast frame and overload protection screws has also been tested to withstand shock loads and overloading.

Shipping Scale

BC Postal and Shipping Scales

BC Postal and Shipping Scale with data interfaces perfect for mailrooms, offices, warehouse packing stations, shipping departments and retail parcel stores
Easy and Error-free Data Integration
Interfaces: Serial, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth
Operational Efficiency
Graphical display and features for productivity
Rugged and Reliable
Tested to handle 500% overload with accuracy
Flexible and Cost Effective
Multi-interval/range for heavy and light items
Shipping Scale

BC Postal and Shipping Scale with data interfaces perfect for mailrooms, offices, warehouse packing stations, shipping departments and retail parcel stores


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