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Turb Sensor InPro8050

Durable Turbidity Sensor for Wastewater.The InPro 8050 single optical fiber turbidity sensor is designed for samples that have a high particle concentration. The sensor has a wide linear measuring range.

Process Control at High Concentrations

The single-fiber backscattered light technology of the InPro 8050 sensor provides a wide linear measuring range of up to 250 g/l for suspended solids.

Withstands Harsh Environments

The InPro 8050 was developed especially to guarantee accuracy and durability in industrial wastewater environments.

Rugged PSU Sensor Body

The InPro 8050 utilizes a rugged PSU (polysulfone) body, which withstands harsh process conditions in wastewater treatment.

Specifications - Turb Sensor InPro8050
Operating Range FTU
10 – 4,000
Measuring Temp. Range
32 °F – 140 °F (0 °C – 60 °C)
Fixed cable
Hazardous Area Approvals
Hygienic/Biocompatibility Approvals
Light Source
Light Technology
Measured Pressure Resistance
0 psi – 29 psi (0 bar – 2 bar)
Primary Media/Application
Other Water Processes
Process Connection
Pg 13.5
Sensor Diameter
12 mm (0.47")
Wetted Materials
Material Number(s)

Resistance to Abrasive Particles

The sensor resists abrasive particles and fiber fouling in wastewater thanks to sapphire stick protection and its uniform, unbroken surface structure.

Sensor Design Meets Industry Demands

Backscattered lighting technology and the use of a fiber optic cable allow for a sensor design with a uniform, unbroken surface structure. The sensor remains free of fouling and is easy to clean, thus enabling it to meet the toughest demands.

Flexible for Your Application

The InPro 8050 turbidity sensor can be used from small-scale benchtop level through to commercial process installation due to its compact 12-mm design.


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Turb Sensor InPro8050
USP Class VI
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