Beer Turbidity Meter InPro86x0ie

Accurate, In-Line Measurements in the Brew House

METTLER TOLEDO's beer turbidity meter and color sensor is designed for monitoring beer in upstream and downstream processes. It provides high measurement accuracy due to multi-point calibration and immunity to background color changes, ensuring a high-quality brewing process.

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What is turbidity in beer?

Turbidity is an optical characteristic that refers to the degree of clarity of a liquid. Turbidity levels can be measured with a beer turbidity meter within a brewery. Turbidity is caused by individual suspended particles that scatter or obstruct light transmittance: the higher the concentration of suspended particles, the higher the turbidity. Such particles are usually too small to be detected by the human eye; therefore, turbidity measurement must be done with an in-line beer turbidity meter or turbidity analyzer that provides continuous measurement.

What is a beer turbidity meter?

A beer turbidity meter, also known as a turbidity analyzer, is a combination of a turbidity sensor, a turbidity transmitter and a process connection. This METTLER TOLEDO beer turbidity sensor pairs with a color sensor to ensure accuracy across its entire measurement range for better turbidity and color monitoring, enabling a high-quality brewing process.

Why is a beer turbidity measurement important?

Using a beer turbidity meter is important because it helps to deliver consistent final products to satisfy customer needs. METTLER TOLEDO's multi-point calibrated turbidity sensor uses forward-scattered light measurements to ensure you can meet your product and quality process control requirements.