Beer Turbidity Meter | Turbidity Measurement Device
Beer Turbidity Meter InPro 8600i

Beer Turbidity Meter InPro 8600i

Turbidity systems for the low to medium particle concentration range

Wort, Condensate, and Finished Product Turbidity and Color
Verified Uptime and Accurate Measurement
Reduce Costs with Distinct Upstream and Downstream Sensors
Designed to Meet Food Safety and Compliance Needs


Technical Specifications

Technical data: 8600i Series Turbidity Sensor
The InPro 8600 i series turbidity sensor from METTLER TOLEDO are designed for reliable measurements of turbidity in the low to medium particle concent...

User Manuals

Instruction Manual Turbidity Sensors InPro8600 - Inspection Unit
The verification kit includes an integrated turbiglass (solid reference). The turbiglass value is determined by the user for each turbidity InPro 8600...


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