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pHure Sensor™

Reliable pH Measurement in Pure Waters

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton's pHure Sensor™ series provides very accurate pH measurements for ensuring the purity of power plant and microelectronics facility waters.

The standard pHure Sensor features a low-resistance pH glass membrane, shielded flow chamber, and a continuous outflow of reference electrolyte for stable measurement. The special, internally-pressurized gel electrolyte reference electrode produces similar results to a flowing junction reference but offers more convenient installation and maintenance.

The pHure Sensor LE uses free-flowing liquid electrolyte to provide the most accurate pH measurement available for pure waters. The accompanying stainless steel housing provides a controlled flow path with minimum volume to encourage corrosion particles to flush through.

pHure Sensors with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) maintain calibration and other data in internal memory, enabling convenient pre-calibration in a lab or workshop. In addition, their digital output signals are far more robust than analog signals.

Specifications - pHure Sensor™
Short description For pH measurement in very low-conductivity waters.
Features and Benefits
  • METTLER TOLEDO combination pH electrodes feature unique construction with the temperature compensator located within the tip of the measuring membrane for fast, accurate temperature response and compensation, and very compact installation.
  • A variety of pressurized gel and solid polymer reference electrode systems provide extended life in most applications.
  • Vario Pin connectors provide secure and convenient installation and connection to THORNTON instruments and preamps.
  • Specifications are provided in the data sheets



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pHure Sensor™
USP Class VI
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