O2 Sensor - Dissolved & Gas Phase

Accurate Oxygen Monitoring for Process Control and Safety

An O2 sensor is an analytical instrument used for accurate, reliable oxygen monitoring in industrial processes. O2 sensors can measure dissolved oxygen or gas phase oxygen. Optical and polarographic O2 sensors provide fast and accurate measurement of dissolved oxygen in pharmaceutical, chemical and water monitoring processes. For measuring in a continuous gas stream, oxygen sensors with TDL technology (TDL Gas Analyzers) or with amperometric technology provide reliable, in situ O2 measurements.

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What is an O2 sensor?

An O2 sensor is an analytical instrument used for accurate, reliable oxygen monitoring in industrial processes. There are various different types and technologies of O2 sensors that are produced by METTLER TOLEDO, including optical dissolved O2 sensors, polarographic dissolved O2 sensors, tunable diode laser analyzers and amperometric gas phase O2 sensors.

Why are O2 sensors used?

O2 sensors provide a critical oxygen measurement in pharmaceutical manufacturing, brewing operations, corrosion prevention, water monitoring and explosion prevention.

When should an oxygen sensor be replaced?

In general, oxygen sensors need to be replaced at different rates based on their usage and their technology. Some systems, like a TDL O2 sensor, are capital investments that don’t require replacement for many years. Others, like polarographic and optical O2 sensors, need to have select consumables replaced on a regular basis to ensure accurate operation. METTLER TOLEDO O2 sensors with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology provide predictive diagnostics, including a Dynamic Lifetime Indicator, that help you plan for maintenance and replacement of your oxygen sensor.

What models of O2 sensor does METTLER TOLEDO produce?

METTLER TOLEDO produces a wide range of O2 sensors for industrial process manufacturing. These O2 sensors include:

  • InPro 6860 series of optical O2 sensors for biopharma, including the InPro 6860i HD anti-bubble O2 sensor.
  • InPro 6960i and InPro 6970i O2 sensors for trace measurements on brewing lines.
  • The GPro 500 Tunable Diode Laser gas analyzer, which acts as an in situ oxygen sensor in process gas measurements.