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Transmitters for Gas Phase Oxygen Probes

High-Performance Measurements, Low Maintenance Transmitter

Gas-phase oxygen transmitters (GPO transmitters) integrate with METTLER TOLEDO amperometric gas phase oxygen sensors to deliver the oxygen measurement value, system status and sensor diagnostics to a user or higher level control system.

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What is an oxygen transmitter?

Within a measurement system, an oxygen transmitter, or GPO transmitter, is the component that communicates to the user or higher level control system and translates sensor readings into displayed measurements. Transmitters are an integral part of in-line measurement systems used for industrial process control and monitoring. METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive range of high-performance oxygen transmitters that are compatible with traditional analog sensors and digital sensors with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM).

How does an oxygen transmitter work?

An oxygen transmitter measures the raw signal from an analog analytical sensor and converts it into a digital signal, so that the oxygen measurement can be shown on the transmitter display. Amperometric oxygen transmitters can be programmed for various functions to improve measurement functionality, to control a process or to collect data. The signal is then displayed, and an output signal can be transmitted as an analog signal or as a digital signal via a fieldbus providing easy integration of sensor diagnostics into a process control system.

Which sensors can be connected to an oxygen transmitter?

METTLER TOLEDO's range of gas-phase oxygen sensors which can be conneceted to these gas-phase oxygen transmitters includes:

  • InPro 6800G - Wide range analog amperometric gas-phase oxygen sensor.
  • InPro 6850iG - Wide range digital ISM amperometric gas-phase oxygen sensor.
  • InPro 6900G - Analog amperometric gas-phase oxygen sensor for low oxygen measurement applications.
  • InPro 6950iG - Digital ISM amperometric gas-phase oxygen sensor for low oxygen measurement applications, designed for trace measurement in brewing.

What ISM functionalities are available with oxygen transmitters?

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) diagnostics are provided by METTLER TOLEDO gas-phase oxygen transmitters when integrated with an InPro 6850iG or InPro 6950iG sensor. The predictive diagnostics inform you when maintenance or calibration of the sensor is required. These oxygen transmitters also enable Plug and Measure technology. This speeds up sensor replacement and commissioning by allowing an oxygen sensor to be calibrated away from the process and then quickly installed at the measurement location.