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Dissolved oxygen, CO2 and ozone transmitters are a critical component within a measurement system that communicates displayed measurements to a user or higher level control system. METTLER TOLEDO offers dissolved oxygen transmitters, CO2 transmitters and ozone transmitters that provide continuous monitoring in industrial processes and pure water. These analytical transmitters offer compatibility with traditional analog sensors and digital sensors with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM).

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What are DO, CO2 and ozone transmitters?


Dissolved oxygen, dissolved CO2 and dissolved ozone transmitters are each a key component of an analytical measurement loop that continuously monitors DO, CO2 and ozone in industrial or pure water processes. METTLER TOLEDO transmitters for these parameters communicate sensor measurements and predictive diagnostic information data to the user or higher level control systems for process control.

How do I select the right DO transmitter, CO2 transmitter or dissolved ozone transmitter?

When considering a transmitter for your application, you should assess if you need to measure only one parameter with the transmitter, or will need to measure multiple parameters. If you need to measure multiple parameters, consider a multi-parameter transmitter. With a multi-parameter transmitter you can use the same model transmitter for different parameters. 

If you need the transmitter to measure more than one measurement point simultaneously, you will need a multi-channel transmitter. In this case you can use the DO transmitter as a CO2 transmitter as well. 

You should also consider if you need this analytical transmitter to be integrated into a control system. 

If you want to use the predictive diagnostics of an ISM sensor, you will need an analytical transmitter that accepts ISM sensors. You should also consider the production environment. 

METTLER TOLEDO offers DO transmitters, CO2 transmitters and ozone transmitters with different enclosures, and that work in hazardous areas. 

METTLER TOLEDO recommends a discussion with a local sales representative to assess your needs and recommend the right analytical transmitter for your specific application.