DO Sensor InPro6960i/12/120

Optical DO Sensor for Brewery Industry.The InPro6960i optical oxygen sensor offers high operational availability, top performance and easy maintenance for the measurement of dissolved oxygen in brewery applications.

High Operational Availability

The InPro 6960i offers outstanding measurement performance with a low detection limit of 0 ppb to 25 ppm, minimum drift and a short response time.

Suitable for Hygienic Processes

The optical technology is available for various brewery applications. It is especially suitable for sterile and hygienic processes in wort aeration.

Advanced Predictive Diagnostics

This DO sensor has Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology, offering predictive diagnostics to reduce maintenance and simplify calibration.

Material No.: 52206500

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Specifications - DO Sensor InPro6960i/12/120
Measurement Parameter
Measurement Technology
Optical fluorescence quenching
± (1 % of the reading + 8 ppb)
Response Time
T98 = < 20 s
Primary Media/Application
Food and Beverage
ISM (Digital) or Analog
ISM (Digital)
Wetted Metallic Material
316L stainless steel
Surface Roughnes of Wetted Material
N5/Ra16 (Ra=0.4μm/16μin)
Sensor Diameter
O-Ring Material
Process Connection
Pg 13.5
Sensor Length
120 mm
Wetted membrane material
Connector Design
Model Family
InPro 6900i optical series
CIP resistant
Mechanical Temp. Range
23 °F – 250 °F (-5 °C – 121 °C)
Operating Pressure (Bar)
0.2–12 Bar
Operating Pressure (PSI)
02.9–174 PSI
Design Pressure
174 psi (12 bar)
Digital Integration
RS485 - ISM®
Cable Connector
M12 5-Pin
Hygienic/Biocompatibility Approvals
FDA/USP Class 7
Certificates & Approvals
Quality certificate, Material certificate 3.1, Surface finish certificate, FDA/USP Class IV
Measurement Range
0- 25 ppm saturation
Residual signal in O2 free media
<0.025 of signal in ambient air
Operating Range
8 ppb - 60% O2 sat.
Measured Pressure Resistance
3 bar – 12 bar
Measuring Temp. Range
23 °F – 104 °F (-5 °C – 40 °C)
Detection limit
8 ppb

Easy and Fast Operation

With the fast OptoCap replacement and the Plug & Measure ability, the InPro6960i optical oxygen sensor can be calibrated away from the process, and then quickly swapped into the process environment without the need to recalibrate. No polarization is requi

High Process Safety

The materials of construction of the InPro6960i DO sensor are FDA compliant and the easy-to-clean high-polished surface (N5 grade) also satisfies increasing regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Process Control

The sensor's measurement performance helps to reduce out of spec production. ISM helps to make optical oxygen measurement simple and more reliable and significantly reduces the risk of sensor failure during production.

ISM Redefines Maintenance

The built-in digital ISM technology provides the user important information about the sensor wear. Maintenance planning becomes easy, as accurate diagnostics predict when sensor maintenance will be required.



Operating Instructions: Optical O₂ Simulator
METTLER TOLEDO optical O2 sensors are intended solely for inline measurement of the oxygen partial pressure, as described in this instruction manual.




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DO Sensor InPro6960i/12/120
USP Class VI