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Gold Weighing Scales

Gold Weighing Scales

Karat Gold Scale for Accurate Jewelry Weighing

A gold weighing scale is a device designed to accurately weigh gold, silver and other precious metals. Our jewelry scales to weigh gold are made of high quality materials and have overload protection to ensure reliable performance for years to come. Smart features simplify daily jewelry weighing tasks, while our battery-operated models are perfect for weighing on the go. Furthermore, you can easily connect the balance to a printer or second display.

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Advantages of METTLER TOLEDO's Gold Weighing Scales

Weighing applications for gold weiighing scales

Useful Applications

Built-in weighing applications specifically tailored for gold weighing are available on every balance, e.g. density determination to measure the purity of gold and totalization for weighing sets of jewelry.

gold weiighing scales OIML and NTEP

Legal for Trade

Almost all of our gold weighing scales are approved versions according to OIML, NTEP, etc. (model availability is country- specific).

Accessories for Jewelry Scales and Balances

Wide Range of Accessories

Easy device connection makes it simple to add a printer, secondary display or even a PC. All our accessories are backwards and forwards compatible.

Jewelry Scales Service and Repair

Global Service Network

METTLER TOLEDO's service portfolio offers a variety of products based around uptime, performance, compliance and training, helping you to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Secondary Display for gold weiighing scales

Displays Made for Jewelry

The specially angled gold scale display is easy to read and avoids the reflections that can occur under strong, bright lights. The secondary display allows your customer to see the gold weight value instantly.

Stable and robust gold weiighing scales

Stable and Robust

Strong, high-quality materials mean your gold weighing scale will sit solidly on your counter top, and will not move if accidentally bumped. The robust construction ensures a long balance lifetime and ensures a sound return on your investment.

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We support and service your measurement equipment through its entire life-cycle, from installation to preventive maintenance and calibration to equipment repair.

My density results are quite variable. How can I weigh gold density accurately?

When measuring the density of gold jewelry, it is important that the item is thoroughly wet and all air bubbles are removed. The air bubbles cause a buoyancy effect and can be removed using a fine brush. Make sure all items are at the same temperature: the scale, the apparatus, the water and the jewelry.

What scale readability do I need for weighing gold?

The requirements for weighing gold vary from country to country. Some countries specify a gold scale with readability of 3 decimal places (1 mg), whereas in other countries, it is 2 decimal places (10 mg). It is important to check local regulations prior to purchasing a new gold scale. METTLER TOLEDO can support you and offers a wide range of 2 and 3 decimal place gold scales.

Do you have a gold scale with a large weighing platform?

JET and JE gold scales have a large weighing platform so that items can be placed securely on the scale without falling off. METTLER TOLEDO's JP high capacity gold scale can takes loads of up to 16 kg or 32 kg.

How do I clean my gold scale?

METTLER TOLEDO gold scales are made from high-quality, resistant materials and can therefore be cleaned with a commercially available, mild cleaning agent and a damp cloth or soft paper tissue. Use common cleaning agents such as 70% ethanol or isopropanol, or mild detergents. The weighing pan and balance base are made of stainless steel that is robust and chemically resistant, with the exception that it is not compatible with strong acids. Acetone should not be used, even for highly sticky substances, as it is not compatible with plastic handles, glued parts or the screen.

Can I connect my gold scale to our internal network?

JET gold scales have 3 interface ports — USB host, USB device and RS232 — and are easy to connect to an internal network via the built-in PC Direct function. In addition, JET gold scales offer Bluetooth connection via the optional Bluetooth adapter.