Live Webinar: Pharmacopeia – What to Check on UV Vis Spectrophotometers?

USP and Ph. Eur. Requirements Placed on UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

Program Overview

  • Learn the various optical performance parameters
  • Learn which parameters need to be monitored
  • Benefits of automated performance qualification
  • Solution for data integrity compliance in optical instrument qualification
  • Overview of available service offerings from METTLER TOLEDO

During the webinar, we will go into depth about these questions and more:

What certified reference materials (CRMs) are specified for wavelength accuracy and precision tests by both Pharmacopeias?

USP: Rare earth oxide solutions/glasses (Ce, Ho, Didymium) or Hg/D2 emission lines

Ph. Eur.: Ho(ClO4)3, Ce2(SO4)3 solutions, or Ho/Didymium glasses, or Hg, D2, Ne, Xe lines


What CRMs are specified for photometric accuracy and precision tests by both Pharmacopeias?

USP: for UV range, Nicotinic acid in HCl (6 – 60 mg/L, up to 2.5 A, 213 and 261 nm) or K2Cr2O7 in HClO4 (6 – 200 mg/L, up to 3.0 A, 235, 257, 313, 350 nm); for visible range, neutral density glass filters (up to 3.5 A, 440, 465, 546.1, 590, and 635 nm)

Ph. Eur.: Suitable solid and liquid filters such as certified PDC or neutral density filters; or, instead of certified PDC, Nicotinic acid in HCl.


What CRMs are specified for photometric linearity tests by both Pharmacopeias?

USP and Ph. Eur., respectively, specify to use the materials for photometric accuracy tests also for photometric linearity tests.

The Secret to Accurate Results: Automated Performance Verification for UV Vis Spectrophotometers

In this video, discover how the CertiRef™ module revolutionizes Pharmacopeia performance verification for UV Vis spectrophotometers. Join the live webinar to learn more.

Target Audience

Lab Managers, Lab Technicians, System Owners, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance Operators


Dr. Fabian Müller

Dr. Fabian Müller

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