Automatic Sample Robot for TGA and DSC - METTLER TOLEDO

Automatic Sample Robot

Up to 34 DSC or TGA samples can be automatically processed, each with a specific method and crucible. A unique feature of the sample robot is that it can open crucibles before the measurement. This eliminates ambient influences on the sample during the wait time on the sample turntable

Specifications - Automatic Sample Robot
Trade Name Robot,Sample Robot
Features and Benefits
  • Up to 34 samples can be automatically processed
  • Universal gripper for various types of crucibles
  • Lid piercing for DSC and TGA measurements
  • Sample turntable can be changed
  • Automatic weighing-in
  • Any DSC 1 and TGA/DSC 1 can be upgraded with a sample robot
  • A different analysis method can be used for each sample

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Automatic Sample Robot
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