Flash DSC revolutionizes rapid-scanning DSC

Flash DSC 2+ - Flash Differential Scanning Calorimeter

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The Flash DSC 2+ revolutionizes rapid-scanning DSC. The instrument can analyze reorganization processes that were previously impossible to measure. The Flash DSC 2+ is the ideal complement to conventional DSC. Heating and cooling rates now cover a range of more than 7 decades.
The ultra-high heating and cooling rates add a new dimension to the study of thermally induced physical transitions and chemical processes, for example, the crystallization and reorganization of polymers.

  • Ultra-high cooling rates – allow materials with defined structural properties to be prepared
  • Ultra-high heating rates – suppress reorganization processes
  • Wide temperature range – measurements can be performed in the range -95 to 1000 °C
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Specifications - Flash DSC 2+ - Flash Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Fast Scanning Calorimeter
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
Glass Transition
Heat Capacity (cp)
Data Sampling
Max. 10000 data pts/sec
Temperature Range
-95 °C – 1,000 °C
Sensor Output
Heat Flow
Signal Time Constant
Approx. 0.2 ms (UFH 1), approx. 1 ms (USF 1)
Cooling Rate (min)
6 K – 2,400,000 K
Heating Rate (/min)
6 K – 3,000,000 K
Sensor Types
UFH 1 (high-temperature) or UFS 1 (standard)
Temperature Range
-95 °C - 1,000 °C
Material Number(s)

Innovative Technology


Features and Benefits of the Flash DSC 2+


Ultra-high heating rates – suppress reorganization processes
Ultra-high cooling rates – allow the formation of materials with defined structural properties
High sensitivity – permits measurements at low heating rates that overlap with conventional DSC
Wide temperature range – perform measurements from –95 to 1000 °C
Simplicity of use – from easy sample preparation and sensor change, to convenient result evaluation
Oxygen-free conditions – protect your sample against oxidation
Fast response sensor – enables the kinetics of extremely fast reactions or crystallization processes to be studied



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Flash DSC Technology
Flash DSC technology is ideal for studying rapid crystallization and reorganization processes.




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Flash DSC 2+ - Flash Differential Scanning Calorimeter