50 mL Glass Cover Set For EasyMax 102

Observe Changes in Reactor Content During R&D

Glass covers and reactors are commonly used in research development laboratories in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  Chemically-resistant material is easy-to-handle and transparent, allowing observation of changes in reactor conent.  The cover set supports the use of various probes, including:

The set is ready-to-use with all required parts included.

50 mL Glass Cover Set EasyMax 102
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Specifications - 50 mL Glass Cover Set For EasyMax 102
Material Number(s) 51151713
 6-port glass cover set with standard tapered joints for 50 mL reactor
MaterialCovers and stoppers: Glass
Adapter with UNF port: PTFE, ETFE
Suited for50 mL Glass Reactor Set EasyMax 102
PortsNumber:  6
Type: 1 x ST7/16, 2 x ST10/19, 2 x GL14, center ST14/23
Magnetic DriveMagnetic drive for 50 mL 2-piece reactor set (30213865)


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50 mL Glass Cover Set For EasyMax 102