100 mL High Workup 2-Piece Glass Reactor

High Workup Volume for EasyMax 402 Reactor Systems

Small glass vessels are the most commonly-used reactors for research and development in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  Not only can the 100 mL two-piece high workup volume reactor be used like a standard 100 mL reactor, but also offers the ability to another 100 mL of liquod to quench or workup the reaction mass within the same vessel.

The 100 mL high workup two-piece glass reactor can be used with:

100 mL High Workup EasyMax 2-Piece Reactor
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Specifications - 100 mL High Workup 2-Piece Glass Reactor
Material Number(s) 30111633
Glass ReactorVmin:  30 mL
Vnom:  100 mL
Vmax:  200 mL
Bottom Drain ValveNo
Temperature Range-40 °C to 180 °C
Pressure RangeVacuum to ambient
Suitable for CalorimetryNo
Designed forEasyMax 402
CoverGlass or PTFE cover set (not included; see Accessories)
MaterialBorosilicate Glass
StirringOverhead stirrer (not included)
Additional Accessories Needed

Reactor stand for 100 mL reactor
Reactor Clamp


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100 mL High Workup 2-Piece Glass Reactor