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EasySampler Vial Plate

Transfer Prepared Samples to HPLC and UPLC Quickly and Efficiently

The EasySampler 12 x 10 mL vial plate* in SBS format provides simple and fast transfer of the prepared samples to offline HPLC and UPLC autosamplers, and other analytical devices fitting SBS-format plates. 


*Vials not included.

EasySampler Vial Plate for HPLC and UPLC Samples
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Specifications - EasySampler Vial Plate
Material Number(s) 30312353

Dimensions: (L) 128 x (W) 86 x (H) 20 mm



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Eliminate chemical reaction sampling challenges by using an automated and robust method of taking representative samples


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EasySampler Vial Plate