EasySampler Probe 330 Set | For Use with Reactors up to 1 Liter

EasySampler Probe 330 Set

For EasyMax, OptiMax, RC1 and Other Reactors up to 1000 mL

EasySampler Probe 330 Set includes additional sleeves, adapters to interface the probe with reactors, and a spare tubing set. Probe 330 is 333 mm in length, for use with EasyMax 102 and 402, OptiMax Reactor Systems, RC1 Reaction Calorimeters, and other reactors up to 1 L.

EasySampler Probe Set 330
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Specifications - EasySampler Probe 330 Set
Material Number(s) 30306933
MaterialWetted parts: Alloy C22, PTFE
Non-wetted parts: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Temperature Range-20 °C to 140 °C, at ambient pressure
Pressure Range1.013 bar to 10 bar (14.7 psi to 145 psi) with the following conditions:
Temperature range: 20 °C to 100 °C and maximum reactor volume: 2500 mL
pH Range1 to 14
Pocket Size20 µl ± 10 %
Length333 mm
Diameter9.5 mm



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EasySampler Probe 330 Set