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RX-10 with 3m touchscreen cable

Enhance Your JLR System. A touchscreen-based control unit to automate and monitor jacketed lab reactors. Third party thermostats, stirrers and sensors can be connected via plug-n-play interfaces.

One, Simple Standard Interface

The easy to use touchscreen interface provides a consistent control platform across all reactors for scientists of all training levels.

100% Data Capture

Ensure that all data is automatically captured guaranteeing that important information will never be lost again.

Unattended, 24/7

Use your reactor day and night thanks to the pre-programming and safety capabilities of the RX-10.

RX-10 Reactor Control - Enhance Jacketed Lab Reactor
Specifications - RX-10 with 3m touchscreen cable
Supported Thermostats Huber, Julabo models with RS232 port
Supported Stirrer Motors IKA, Heidolph, JKEM models with RS232 port
SmartConnect port Pt100, -10 to 10V, 0 to 20mA
Dimensions (LxWxH) 70 mm x 152 mm x 215 mm
Weight 2.88 kg
Power Requirements 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Material Number(s) 30217050, 30208790

See how the RX-10 Automates Jacketed Lab Reactors

See how the RX-10 Automates Jacketed Lab Reactors
  • Set-up – Connect – Get Started
    RX-10 is designed for plug and play operation and facilitates connecting third party accessories such as: cryostats, stirring equipment, sensors, dosing, or sampling units quickly and without configuration

  • Automation Without PC
    A single, state-of-the-art touchscreen interface provides a consistent platform to control lab reactors, thermostats, cryostats, stirrers, and dosing devices

  • Unattended Operation
    Single tasks, task sequences, or even entire recipes can be pre-programmed and run unattended twenty four hours a day by the touchscreen or iControl software.

  • SmartConnectTM Technology
    Sensors and probes used in Jacketed Lab Reactors are equipped with SmartConnect Technology storing sensor specific information and making them plug-and-play. Existing sensors such as temperature probes, mass-flow sensors, and pressure sensors can be retrofitted for use with SmartConnect.

  • Data Management
    All process data is collected, processed, and securely stored to ensure no lost information.  Optional iC Data Center software guarantees that 100% of the captured data is stored in a safe place – automatically and without adding additional burdens to scientists. The reporting functionality prepares the data and automatically creates comprehensive reports.

  • Advanced Applications
    For applications that require more advanced controls, sophisticated recipes, or inline analytics, iControl software provides additional capabilities

  • Cost-Effective
    The single touchscreen interface provides a consistent control platform across all laboratory reactors. Operating with one interface allows scientists to consistently control reactors on any scale from milliliters to multi-liter scale reducing human errors and training costs.

  • Personal Safety
    Inherent emergency programs protect the researchers and the lab around the clock in case of an unexpected event or system failure. 


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RX-10 Reactor Control
RX-10 provides an interface connecting any types and volumes of jacketed reactors to cryostats, thermostats, stirrer motors, and sensors. This allows...

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RX-10 with 3m touchscreen cable


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RX-10 with 3m touchscreen cable


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