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iC Safety Software

Evaluate Thermal Risk and Streamline Safety Analysis

iC Safety is an essential tool to assess thermal risks of a chemical reaction, and can be used by both novices and advanced users. iC Safety is designed to speed and simplify the calculations of thermal safety parameters associated with complex chemical reactions critical for a safe process design and scale-up. Based on thermodynamic information provided by an RC1e Reaction Calorimeter and other calorimetric techniques, iC Safety calculates the relevant parameters for thermal risk assessment of the desired reaction.  The severity of runaway reaction is directly linked with the energy potential of a reaction.

iC Safety automatically converts reaction calorimetry data into safety information and knowledge providing the basis to:

  • Quickly understand safe operating conditions
  • Decrease analysis and reporting time
  • Provide critical safety data early in the process

Crucial information, such as the adiabatic temperature rise, the MTSR (Maximum Temperature of Synthesis Reaction), the thermal accumulation, the maximum accumulation and much more can be obtained in just one click.  Subsequently, iC Safety summarizes the key safety information in an easy-to-understand graphical format, and also provides access to detailed safety data for expert users.  The calculation algorithms are based on generally accepted rules defined by well-known safety experts applied in safety labs in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.



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iC Safety
iC Safety utilizes experimental data from the RC1e reaction calorimeter and other calorimetric techniques. It is designed to speed and simplify the ca...


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Chemical process safety focuses on preventing incidents and accidents during manufacturing of chemicals and pharmaceuticals on a large scale. It refer...

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iC Safety Software
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