High-Precision Floor Scales - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

    High-Precision Floor Scales

    Highly Accurate and Built Tough


    We are the Leading Supplier of High-Precision Floor Scales Worldwide

    High-Precision Floor Scales are suitable for many industrial applications and can be tailored to meet your exact needs. They stand for high accuracy, long-lasting reliability and the best metrology. METTLER TOLEDO is world renowned for accurate and reliable weighing scales and systems for harsh industrial environments.

    PFK9 High-Precision Weighing Platforms
    Kx-T4 Floor/Pit Scales

    PFK9 High-Precision Weighing Platforms

    Kx-T4 Floor/Pit Scales

    This high accuracy floor scales are your best choice when you count on best metrology combined with long lasting reliability.
    These high-efficiency floor scales offer latest technology – electromagnetic force—comepensation to ensure the best repeatability and highest resolution.
    Outstanding Resolution
    30.000e Class II Single Range, 3x10.000e Class III Multi Interval and up to 750.000d (non- approved)
    The built-in lever and bearing mechanical structure ensures the scale maintains peak performance, regardless the application.
    High resolution & repeatability
    Electromagnetic-force-compensation weighing
    Update rate of 20 ups for dispensing and filling
    IP protection
    IP67 protection against dust and water ingress
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