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Floor Scale PFD774 US11

True Performance, Every Time!.PowerDeck™ PFD774 Mild Steel floor scale with weighing range between 300kg and 12 tons. Available sizes from 0.8x0.8m to 2x2.5m. It is the only floor scale with up to 10000e LFT accuracy on the market.

Real-Time Operator Guidance

Increase productivity by alerting operators for optimal placement of goods on the scale to guarantee repeatability. Easy, error-free operation.

Rugged and Precise

Increase yields in harsh environments. Select resolutions from 3000e up to 60,000d. The smart system monitors and compensates to ensure accuracy.

Visibility through Diagnostics

Proactively correct issues before a critical error. Track shock and overloads. Protect your investment with real-time alerts and corrective action.

Specifications - Floor Scale PFD774 US11
Hazardous Approval
Material Number(s)

Half the Maintenance

Use your scale twice as long between routine maintenance and calibration checks. The robust design stands up to the toughest environments, saving you time.



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Floor Scale PFD774 US11
Hazardous Area
FM Approved
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