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Explosion Proof Bench Scales

Explosion Proof Bench Scales

Safe, Accurate and Versatile Weighing Solutions for Hazardous Areas

An explosion-proof bench scale is a table-top weighing platform approved for use in classified hazardous areas by regulatory authorities. Hazardous-area scales provide safe, efficient and reliable weighing in potentially explosive environments for loads of 3 kg to 12,000 kg.

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Hazardous Area Guide

Hazardous Area Safety Competence Guide

Safety is crucial for businesses that operate in potentially explosive environments. The free comprehensive guide provides you with extensive knowledge about explosion protection methods, standards and regulations and installation, operation and maintenance of weighing equipment in hazardous areas. Read more

Hazardous Area Equipment Marking Poster

Hazardous Area Equipment Marking Poster

Easy and quick identification of markings and protection methods can help operators ensure weighing equipment complies with appropriate regulatory hazardous area standards. A Poster provides a structured overview on global electrical labeling standards, hazardous-area classifications and equipment ignition-protection types. Read more

Intrinsic Safety White Paper

Intrinsic Safety White Paper

Intrinsic Safety is the protection method of choice when it comes to ensuring process safety while improving production efficiency. The white paper explains the principles of the Intrinsic Safety protection method and discusses the advantages it has for weighing applications in hazardous areas. Read more

Explosion Proof Bench Scales

Ondemand Webinar: Hazardous Area Standards and Regulations

Weighing equipment and control terminals used in potentially explosive atmospheres must comply with extensive regulations, standards and directives.A free on-demand webinar on hazardous area standards and regulations is designed to facilitate safe and compliant equipment operation. Read more

Safe and precise weighing with ICS426x, ICS466x and IND560x

In potentially explosive areas, safety is mandatory. Weighing in Zone 1/21 hazardous areas often asks for compromises on either accuracy or functionality to create this safety. Not anymore. Our new line of high-precision scales are easy to use and safe to operate. Read more

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What are explosion-proof bench scales? What are hazardous area bench scales?

An explosion-proof scale, or hazardous area scale, is approved for use in classified hazardous areas by regulatory authorities. Explosion-proof scales and hazardous area scales provide safe, efficient and reliable weighing in potentially explosive environments.


What makes an explosion-proof bench scale safe?

A scale is considered safe when the user has done an equipment risk assessment by identifying the type and duration of the explosion risk and then selected correctly designed equipment.  Equipment, such as scales, needs to be approved and manufactured according to all relevant standards, which includes an approved maintenance plan for continued service.