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Load cell sensor / Single Point Load Cells

Load cell sensor / Single Point Load Cells

Build a Scale with One Load Cell Only


Load cell sensor / Single Point Load Cells

1. How do sensors work?

A weight sensor works by converting weight or a force that is applied against it into a signal. When a lo...

1. How do sensors work?

A weight sensor works by converting weight or a force that is applied against it into a signal. When a load is applied to a sensor, the resistance is changed, which leads to a change in output voltage.


2. How the load cell sensor technology works?

Load cell sensor technology allows the construction of a scale with one load cell only. Referred to as single-point load cells, these are used individually in scales, hopper scales, process control, conveyor weighing, packaging machines and checkweighers. This allows the simplification of a weighing-system design, as the load cell copes with all forces and moments occurring without losing performance. Load cells are transducers that create electrical signals. These signals’ magnitude is proportional to the amount of force that is being exerted against the load cell sensor.

There are several types of load cells, from strain gauge to hydraulic. METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of single-point load cells in aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Some models act as low-capacity single-point load cells and can be used individually in smaller bench scales and retail scales. The low-profile design includes sensitive load-cell sensors, yet saves cost without compromising on performance. Other load-cell sensor options include meeting the needs of higher capacities and can be used individually in bench and floor scales with larger platform sizes.

With a low-profile design, cost optimization and an attractive product appearance can be achieved. Ideal for some of the largest floor scales, other models include direct-mounting schema, which allows for low-profile platforms. Even when large loads are applied, high performance is guaranteed. Each of these load cells offers exterior protection as well, guarding against damage that can occur in harsh industrial environments. METTLER TOLEDO offers fast and effective start-up, as well as professional maintenance. We ensure your weighing module is up and running smoothly, right from the start. We not only confirm the application and operating environment, but properly integrate the equipment into your processes as well. We fulfill internal or external quality standards, and provide documentation for your quality system.


Load cell sensor / Single Point Load Cells

Products and Specs

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Maximum Capacity
Material No.: 71207450
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Maximum Capacity3kg - 30kg (7lb - 66lb)
Material No.: 71201838
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Maximum Capacity10kg - 100kg (22lb - 220lb)
Material No.: 71207453
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Maximum Capacity30kg - 250kg (66lb - 550lb)
Material No.: 71201846
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Maximum Capacity30kg - 250kg (110lb - 1650lb)



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