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Know How

Essential Tank Design Tool – How to select the right components

Know How

The Weighing Components Selector simplifies tank scale design process by providing a list of suitable components as well as specific recommendations for your application.

The load cell accuracy calculation of your tank scale consisting of minimum three load cells is influenced not only by the weighing sensor but by the proper selection of all components and the tank design itself.  For this reason, it is important to have selected all the right components from the start.

During a consultation with the help of our sales engineer we calculate the impact of all components of the weighing system, scale indicators and junction boxes on the performance of your scale and summarize the results in a standardized report. From the basics to safety relevant measures, the free consultation and report support optimization of your tank design in an early phase by:

  • Accentuating the impact of all components and of a tank weighing system on measurement uncertainty in the design stage
  • Comparing different options and displaying achievable measurement uncertainty over the whole weighing range
  • Helping you make smarter choices early in the vessel-design process resulting in improved system performance, safety and product quality.
  • Providing recommendations specific for your application to achieve optimal weighing performance with a load cell reader.

The Weighing Components Selector report provides a systematic approach to choosing weighing components based on simple questions/answer methodology. The recommended components are the best match for the application and interface, which is selected from a comprehensive database of components.
This 4-6 page report summarizes all the critical aspects of your weighing application that includes:

  • Application Summary
  • Recommended Components
  • Installation Recommendations
  • Uncertainty Clarification
  • Piping Calculation Recommendations