The Weighing Components Selector - Essential Tank Design Tool ¦ METTLER TOLEDO
Know How

GWP® Recommendation for Weighing Components

Know How

Do you know how to select the right weighing components for your next tank scale project?

METTLER TOLEDO's broad portfolio of weighing components includes load cells, weigh modules, and indicators that offer thousands of possible combinations. With Good Weighing PracticeTM, we provide technical documentation to define the ideal combination of components and calculate the expected measurement uncertainty for each individual application.

The free consultation is summarized in a three-page report, supporting your tank design in an early phase by:

  • Providing recommendations for weighing equipment specific to your application

  • Calculating the measurement uncertainty of the system and ensuring that it fulfills your process and quality requirements

  • Recommending services to maintain the system performance

  • Comparing different options to support your decision and procurement process

Watch this video to learn more about the GWP® Recommendation for Weighing Components.