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PVM V819 Technology - Discontinued Product

Particle Vision and Measurement for Process R&D

PVM® enables scientists and engineers to view and save real-time microscope-quality images of the crystals, particles and droplets as they naturally exist in process - at full process concentration.

The PVM® V819 is designed for laboratory-scale R&D, facilitating faster investigation and understanding of particle and droplet systems - without the need for sampling and dilution.

Principle features of the PVM® V819 include:

  • World’s leading probe-based microscope for process R&D
  • Minimum available PVM® probe dimensions (19mm diameter) for easy installation into vessels with working volumes less than 250 mL to greater than 2 L
  • Microscope quality resolution, with ability to resolve particles of 2 µm and above in most particle and droplet systems
  • Real-time image analysis can be performed with built-in algorithms optimized for PVM®. Images can also be imported into any standard image analysis package.

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Discontinued since: Nov, 2014

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Replaced with: ParticleView V19

View Inline Particle Size and Shape in Real Time With In Situ PVM images

ParticleView V19 with PVM (Particle Vision and Measurement) technology is a probe-based video microscope that visualizes particles and particle mechanisms as they exist in process.  High resolution images are continuously captured under a wide range of process conditions without the need for sampling or offline analysis. A process trend, sensitive to changes in particle size and concentration, is automatically combined with the most relevant images, providing scientists with a straightforward and reliable method to ensure comprehensive understanding is acquired with every experiment.

  • Study Particle Size and Shape - High resolution imaging of particles in real time enables scientists to determine the influence of process parameters on particle size and shape.  Particles can be designed to behave predictably as key parameters change during development, scale-up and manufacturing.
  • Characterize Transient Events and Elusive Mechanisms - Particles and particle structures often change when sampled.  By visualizing crystals, droplets and other delicate particle structures inline, scientists can characterize transient events and elusive mechanisms that may be critical for optimizing the quality of a product or process.
  • Investigate Critical Process Events and Upsets - An image-based trend, sensitive to changing particle size, shape and concentration, helps scientists identify and then investigate important process events and upsets.  The fast and reliable method reduces the time and effort needed to fully understand complex particle systems and processes.
  • Make Evidence-Based Decisions At a Lower Cost - By visualizing particles and particle mechanisms inline, scientists acquire knowledge that would otherwise prove too difficult or time consuming to obtain.  Such knowledge supports evidence-based decision making and process development at a lower cost.

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Keeping PVM® V819 running at peak performance is the best way to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as it ensures maximum Uptime and Performance as well as maintaining Compliance with quality and industry standards.

METTLER TOLEDO Field Service Engineers possess the experience and Expertise for successful asset lifecycle management.

From onsite instrument Calibration and Preventive Maintenance (PM) to Full Service Coverage, the options available can be tailored to meet need and budget requirements ensuring complete cost control.

Extended Warranty

The most cost effective option for new instrument owners as it can be purchased at point of sale.  It protects the system beyond the initial factory warranty and provides additional value-added services, priority support and discounts.

Full Service Coverage

To keep the laboratory or production process running at maximum speed, instrument Uptime, Performance and Compliance are key. It is important to identify issues before they become problems and Full Service Coverage helps ensure instruments are available when needed by providing priority onsite and factory service with no cost surprises.

Calibration and Preventive Maintenance

The best option if budgetary constraints and Total Cost of Ownership are not a primary concern and instrument downtime does not affect productivity. Repair costs are on an ad-hoc basis but Calibration and Preventive Maintenance ensures equipment Performance and Compliance are within specification.

METTLER TOLEDO Service Specialists

The METTLER TOLEDO Service Team understands what it takes to get the best from each instrument. Benefit from the Service Team’s experience and industry knowledge to ensure optimal equipment Uptime, Performance, Compliance and the Expertise necessary to maximize instrument investment.

Take advantage of the experience, skills and thorough know-how of the dedicated Field Service Engineers strategically located around the world and locally - which ensures a timely response.

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