Best Practices for Unattended Vehicle Scales - METTLER TOLEDO

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1. Environmental protection

Choose components that are built to last. Select a stainless steel or fiberglass enclosure for lasting durability, even through years of rain, wind, and snow.

4. Wireless advantages

Unattended terminals can now take advantage of secure wireless connections, aiding installation and adding flexibility to meet future needs.

2. Automatic identification

RFID badges or magnetic strip card readers can instantly identify the driver or vehicle. Program custom menus based on ID presets for a streamlined user experience.

5. Intuitive menus

Provide drivers with a system that is simple to operate. Touchscreens now offer viable, modern sophistication to provide clear instructions, better input accuracy, and faster transaction processing times.

3. Smart integration

Connect automated traffic controls, intercoms, and even camera image captures for attachment to the transaction record.

6. Software matters

Choose transaction management software with unattended operations in mind. Professional software can prevent headaches for years to come.