Intelligent Sensor Management for Chemical Processes - METTLER TOLEDO


Greater process reliability


Increased operational uptime

ISM is more reliable by design and helps avoid unplanned downtimes by sustaining measurement performance.

  • High signal integrity thanks to digital communication, even over long cable runs and in humid conditions
  • Precise, real-time information on sensor “health” based on online predictive diagnostics


Easy sensor handling


Easy sensor handling
Easy sensor handling

Convenient lifecycle 

Simplified sensor handling reduces time spent at measurement points.

  • Quick exchange of sensors at the process thanks to Plug and Measure function
  • Sensor maintenance in a convenient and safe environment away from the process


Reduced maintenance


Low cost of ownership

ISM enables time-saving installation and drives down operating costs.

  • Error-free commissioning with self-configuring transmitters
  • Optimized maintenance scheduling and longer sensor utilization through predictive diagnostics


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