Brewery-fermentation - METTLER TOLEDO

In-line Measurements in Beer Fermentation

It goes without saying that propagation of microorganisms and unstable substances is not good for beer. Preventing it happening though, is not so easy, but effective help is available. Hygienically designed, CIP tolerant O2, CO2 and turbidity measurement systems play a vital role in preventing contamination of beer.

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New CO2 System
New CO2 System

New CO2 System: Sparkles with Intelligence

  • Highly accurate thermal conductivity technology
  • ISM increases measurement reliability and reduces maintenance


InPro6960i optical oxygen sensor
InPro6960i optical oxygen sensor

InPro6960i optical oxygen sensor


  • Highest measurement performance in filler lines
  • Sterile / hygienic processes in wort areation
  • The built-in ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) provides the user important information about the sensor wear and enables predictive maintenance.
Intelligent Sensor Management
Intelligent Sensor Management

Intelligent Sensor Management

ISM technology allows users to:

  • avoid unexpected process downtime
  • ensure sensors are always operating at their peak
  • convert to a revolutionary maintenance management system which significantly reduces maintenance costs.
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