Reasons to Upgrade your Throat Metal Detector

Reasons to Upgrade your Throat Metal Detector

Delivering Significant Benefits to your Business

We know your Safeline metal detector is robust and reliable day in, day out. However if you upgrade your Throat metal detector, you could save money and improve the quality of your products.

The latest Profile T and ST Series metal detectors for Vertical Form, Fill and Seal processes offer significant benefits over your legacy technology, including the availability of Automatic Test System (ATS).

Performance monitoring of metal detection equipment is essential to ensure it continues to work, delivering compliance and safety assurances, as well as brand protection for your business. However, manual testing of Throat metal detectors and gravity fall systems can often be flawed. They involve stopping production or wasting good product, and can be difficult to truly confirm centerline (worst case) sensitivity of the metal detector.

ATS overcomes these challenges as it is designed to improve the accuracy of performance monitoring tests, reduce the time it takes to carry out the tests and minimizes product waste.

ATS is available when you upgrade your Throat metal detector to a Profile T or ST Series and ensures you are meeting compliance needs, whilst increasing productivity and improving product quality.

Reasons to Upgrade your Throat Metal Detector
Reasons to Upgrade your Throat Metal Detector


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