Metal Detection Solutions For Hazardous Locations

Metal Detection Solutions For Hazardous Locations

NEC / CEC Hazardous Location Compliant Systems for Class II, Division 2

Locations that contain flammable substances and potentially explosive atmospheres represent a significant source of danger in modern manufacturing facilities. Equipment that is installed in these areas must adhere to stringent and specific compliance requirements.

For environments subject to risk from potentially flammable dusts, METTLER TOLEDO's metal detection offering has been expanded to include the addition of cETLus certified systems, fulfilling the requirements of Class II Division 2 Systems. These systems are certified by Intertek in accordance with:

  • UL / CSA 61010-1
  • UL 60079-0:2013 & UL 60079-31:2015
  • CSA 60079-0: 2015 & CSA 60079-31:2015


GF and T-Series (ZPMFZ) Gravity Fall Systems for NEC/CEC HazLoc Rated Areas

GF Profile Gravity Fall System
GF Profile Gravity Fall System

Profile GF Gravity Fall Metal Detection System

Available System Options*
  • Reject confirmation sensor (if applicable)
  • Reject position sensor (if applicable)
  • Beacon (single color)
  • Beacon (single color) & sound alarm combo
  • Automatic Test System


* Further system options available upon request


Core Systems Upgrades

Systems include fully compliant components and sub-systems, and use a 'dust tight' compliance strategy.

Metal Detector Heads & Enclosures
  • UHMW PE anti-static tube
  • Cable glands & blanking plugs
  • Single enclosures accommodating system components & accessories
HMI / Touchscreen
  • Protective cover
Electrical System
  • Push button reset (if applicable)
  • System interlocks (if applicable)
  • Isolation barriers
Reject System (if applicable)
  • Category 3 safety circuit
  • Solenoid valves
Also included: updated product documentation, labels & certificates
Profile T Series ZMFZ (Zero Metal Free Zone) Metal Detection System
Profile T Series ZMFZ (Zero Metal Free Zone) Metal Detection System

            Profile T-Series ZPMFZ Metal Detection System

Increased Productivity

The Profile platform with full-color touchscreen interface enables simple set-up and operation. Reduced Test Mode feature enables a reduction in the frequency of performance monitoring tests. Easy-to-clean clean designs and integrated test facilities minimize downtime.

Patented Zero Free Metal Zone (ZMFZ) technology allows for the detector to be installed in very tight space, such as between the weigher and bagger, without reduced sensitivity.

Download our datasheets for more information

Metal detector conveyor systems compliant with NEC / CEC requirement for hazardous locations also available upon request.

In addition to Class II, Division 2, we also offer upon request Gravity Flow, T-Series and Conveyor Systems compliant with NEC / CEC requirements for:

  • Class I, Division 1
  • Class I and II, Division 1
  • Class II, Division 1

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