Solutions for Calibration & Maintenance - METTLER TOLEDO

pH Measurement Precision

pH Buffer Solutions

pH measurements are only as accurate as the buffer solutions used for calibration purposes:

  • Technical pH buffer solutions with a quality inspection certificate
  • DKD certified buffer solutions are traceable to an accredited body
  • NIST/DIN 19266 buffer solutions for top precision


Electrolytes for pH electrodes

Always make sure your electrode is filled with clean electrolyte solution:

  • Electrolytes for measurements in aqueous samples
  • Special electrolytes for low-ion or non-aqueous applications


Maintenance and Cleaning

The pH electrode is the center of the measurement as it is the only part in direct contact with the sample. An optimal care is required:

  • Pepsin/HCl or Thiourea for an optimal cleaning of your pH electrode
  • Increase the lifetime of your pH electrode with the InLab storage solution


Conductivity and more

Conductivity standards

Depending on the type of sensor, conductivity standards are used for calibration or verification:

  • Standards for the normal or high measurement range
  • Low-conductivity standards for samples with conductivity lower than 10 µS/cm


Redox buffer solutions

Ready to use buffer solutions for verification of all common redox sensors.

Zero oxygen tablets

Ideal for calibration, verification or conditioning of the sensor when measuring at low dissolved oxygen levels.

Solutions for Ion-Selective Electrodes

Ion calibration standards

High precision ion calibration standards at concentrations of 1000, 100 and 10 mg/L (ppm).

Ionic strength adjustor (ISA) solutions

Add the correct amount of ISA to all samples and standards prior to measurement or calibration of an ISE.

Electrolytes for ISE

For optimal measurement performance ensure to fill the reference electrode of every ISE with the recommended electrolyte solution.

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