GTAP – Good Thermal Analysis Practice - METTLER TOLEDO

For all 5 major steps to Good Thermal Analysis Practice™ METTLER TOLEDO offers comprehensive support and guidelines, so that you invest in the right area. By targeting your efforts you’ll minimize your risks!

Step 1 - Evaluation

Selecting the right analytical system not only involves knowing your current needs, but also taking future requirements into account. This includes early planning of the measures for commissioning and routines. You can secure the decision for the right equipment by using METTLER TOLEDO’s professional design qualification and documentation of your user requirement specifications.

Step 2 - Selection

With Thermal Analysis Excellence Systems you never make a wrong decision. You can upgrade from one instrument version to another and add practical accessories any time you like in the future. Put your trust in METTLER TOLEDO’s innovative sensor technology: whether DSC, TGA, TMA or DMA, we guarantee amazing sensitivity and highly accurate measurement results.

Step 3 – Installation and Qualification

GLP and GMP guidelines demand professional installation and qualification of the analytical instruments used in any laboratory environment. These activities also need to be documented in a way that’s easy to understand and traceable. The services offered by METTLER TOLEDO encompass execution of the qualification process, including all documentation.

Step 4 - Training

Well trained users and regularly maintained thermal analysis systems reduce the likelihood of day-to-day measurement errors, preventing potentially expensive follow-up costs. Many years of expertise and experience are available in the form of comprehensive literature and trained sales consultants. Seminars and webinars are also available for users to build up or refresh their knowledge.

Step 5 - Routine Operation

We offer specifically tailored services for regular care and maintenance, helping minimize the most common risks with minimal effort.

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