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Retail Solutions
for Produce Departments

For today's grocery retailer, fresh produce is an important area of differentiation. When it comes to attracting and inspiring customers, METTLER TOLEDO helps you create a unique shopping experience in your fresh produce department.
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The Right Equipment
for Your Checkout Process

METTLER TOLEDO self-service scales put the control in the hands of the grocery shopper – and that’s the way they like it. Fresh product self-service scales are convincing sales assistants that are intuitive, fast, and simplify the shopping experience.

Our scales are available in many versions, ranging from the compact checkweigher to high-performance touchscreen scales with applications which make shopping an enjoyable experience for your customers.
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Self-Service Scales
Easy to Use Tactile and Touchscreen Scales for Self-Service Weighing

The perfect solution for self-service weighing.

Customers find it easy-to-use, and self-service weighing offers benefits such as faster checkout times and reduction of shrink. Shown with optional scanner.
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Scanner Options
Fast, Reliable and Unobtrusive

Self-service scales equipped with an integrated barcode scanner can be used to scan GTIN barcodes and identify the item automatically; the customer is not required to complete a selection process via an interactive menu.

With its full-color touchscreen, this PC-based scale provides optimized performance. Use the high-resolution display to show in-store promotions.
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In-Store Marketing
Graphics and Merchandising Messages

Visual merchandising on self-service scales reaches customers and they make their purchasing decision. It combines information, innovation and emotion into one device.

The UC-CWT Evo CT is loaded with features that will improve your operation and help boost sales. Through dynamic product marketing, the UC-CWT Evo CT facilitates more personal associate and customer interaction right at the scale.
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