Versatile pH meters - Increased efficiency - METTLER TOLEDO

Versatile pH meters - Increased efficiency


Modular system
Allowing practical plug-in extension units to be added at any time to extend the scope
Practical tips for professionals and beginners

METTLER TOLEDO provides practical examples along with valuable tips and tricks for pH determination.

Have a look at our Reference Section in the Academia World of Wonders flipping book.
Academia pH meter selection

SevenMulti™- For modular expansion at any time
The ingenious concept of this instrument is based on electro-chemical measurement technology combined with a modular system for pH, conductivity, ion concentration and ISFET.
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 The right electrode every time

METTLER TOLEDO offers sensors for innumerable applications. We can provide everything from robust IP67 sensors for the highest demands in harsh environments or micro electrodes for pH measurements in Eppendorf tubes.
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 For the toughest demands

SevenGo Duo pro™ combines maximum measurement accuracy and an excellent range of functions with user-friendly operation and exceptional security.
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pH Value is 100 years old!

Rain acidity is determined by pH value. The Danish chemist Søren Sørensen (1868-1939) introduced the pH value for the concentration of hydrogen ions in 1909.

Great webinars

You can join a wide array of webinars to gain knowledge about various topics from process optimization and applications to advanced techniques.
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