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White Paper

What you need to know: Proactive Maintenance for Long Truck Scale Life

White Paper

Learn how to maintain the value of your investment

What you need to know: Proactive Maintenance for Long Truck Scale Life

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A truck scale is like most industrial machinery, regular maintenance is required to avoid costly failures. This is even more important for businesses that rely on a truck scale to complete business transactions. METTLER TOLEDO has developed a detailed white paper to help you maximize the uptime of your scale through proactive maintenance.

This white paper will cover the following topics:

  1. Responsibilities of the Scale Owner
  2. Scheduled Tests & Maintenance
  3. Inspection & Preventative Maintenance Procedures
  4. Emergency Service
  5. Warranties 

If cared for properly, these steps can help significantly extend the life of your investment. Stay informed, download the white paper.

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