Trends in the baby food and infant formula market - Free White Paper
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Packaged Baby Food and Infant Formula

White Paper

Ensuring food safety to safeguard future generations

Packaged Baby Food and Infant Formula
Packaged Baby Food and Infant Formula

This white paper looks at the current marketplace and growth trends in the baby food and infant formula market. It explores different inspection technologies available to enable manufacturers to achieve compliance with food safety regulations. The paper helps baby food manufacturers to understand how to grow their top line and access new markets whilst guarding the most vulnerable consumer group against sub-standard products.

Food safety is the number one priority for parents purchasing baby food and infant formula. In order to ensure outstanding product safety manufacturers have the responsibility to integrate the correct product inspection system, providing reliable product safety and the highest product quality possible.

The white paper focuses on the following areas in detail:

  • Market growth of baby food and infant formula
  • The cost of product recalls
  • How inspection technologies protect your packaged products
  • Typical baby food packaging materials
  • How inspection technologies facilitate compliance

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Due to the vulnerability of the target audience, manufacturers need to ensure that their products are completely safe to consume. Checking for foreign bodies before products are distributed is critical as a shard of glass or a piece of metal could have fatal consequences. In addition, the long-term repercussions of a product contamination could be colossal.

Different baby food and infant formula applications require distinct product inspection systems. Choosing the right machine to suit individual products and packaging types is crucial to ensure high levels of detection sensitivity. By adopting a comprehensive food safety strategy, manufacturers can safeguard consumers and infants against sub-standard products and uphold brand integrity.

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