Array versus Scanning Spectrophotometers
White Paper

Array versus Scanning

White Paper

UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Comparison

Array versus scanning
Array versus scanning

UV/VIS spectrophotometers can be classified according to the geometry of the components building up the optical system for the recording of spectra. The following configurations are generally used in UV/VIS spectroscopy

  • Scanning spectrophotometer
  • Array spectrophotometer

The performance of a UV/VIS spectrophotometer including parameters, such as optical and wavelength resolution, measurement speed and many more, depends on the design of the instrument. The Array versus Scanning white paper compares two well-established spectrophotometer setups and assesses their individual performance as well as that of light sources.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Spectrophotometer design

3. Design comparison

3.1. Scanning spectrophotometer

3.2. Array spectrophotometer

4. Optical setup comparison

5. Light source comparison

6. Instrument setup and performance

7. Consclusion

8. Literature

1. Introduction

Besides chemical analysis, the characterization of pure substances as well as mixtures is achieved by means of physical methods. Optical spectroscopy in the ultraviolet and visible light range (UV/VIS) is widely applied in research & development, production and quality control in almost all market segments and workplaces. In general, UV/VIS spectroscopy is based on the absorption of light by a sample, allowing valuable information to be obtained, such as identity, purity, concentration and information about the molecular structure of the sample…


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