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White Paper

Inventory Control in Tanks and Silos

White Paper

Learn about the design, installation and maintenance aspects of using gravimetric level control

The whitepaper addresses decision makers in production, maintenance and project management who have a need for accurate inventory control in tanks and silos. The document covers all phases in the life cycle of such equipment and supports fact based decision making for selecting the right technology.

Gravimetric level control is one of the most accurate inventory control methods available. Its high degree of accuracy makes it particularly helpful when measuring high-value solids, liquids and sometimes even gases.

Due to the fact that load cells are placed outside of the tank it is perfect for measuring aggressive, hot, frozen, non-free-flowing or non-self leveling materials.

Content of the whitepaper:

  • Achievable accuracy with gravimetrical method
  • Design of tank scales including understructure and piping
  • Tank scale installation
  • Weighing terminals and transmitters for tank weighing
  • Characteristics of different calibration methods
  • Maintenance of weighing technology for tanks

White Paper: Inventory Control in Tanks and Silos
White Paper: Inventory Control in Tanks and Silos