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FTIR Spectroscopy for Flow Chemistry

White Paper

10 Journal Articles to Review Before You Develop Your Next Continuous Process

FTIR Spectroscopy for Flow Chemistry
FTIR Spectroscopy for Flow Chemistry

The inherent advantages of continuous flow chemistry expand the potential for both enabling and simplifying complex processes. However, comprehensive understanding of these fast moving processes is difficult, or even impossible, with offline techniques. Inline FTIR spectroscopy is widely regarded as a key technology to:

  • Study reaction progression including kinetics, mechanisms, pathways and steady-state
  • Increase product yield and/or purity by quickly discovering the impact of critical process parameters on reactions 
  • Fingerprint and troubleshoot process mishaps in real time from research to manufacturing

Download the free 'FTIR Spectroscopy for Flow Chemistry' literature review of 10 key journal articles from industry and academia which demonstrate the value of inline FTIR analysis as part of a holistic approach to flow chemistry.  

This literature review provides insight into multiple important advantages that inline FTIR analytics provide, including:

  • Placement of the IR sensor at locations along the flow pathway – as required by the chemistry
  • Tracking of intermediate species as they form and are consumed
  • Measurement of final product to ensure that yield is consistent with expectation
  • Reproducibility and reliability of flow system is continually checked by inline analytics
  • Monitoring of key reaction species and leveraging that information for continuous feedback control loops to adjust flow rate and other reaction variables as needed
  • Compensation of chromatographic effects in columns and anomalous flow characteristics of tubing such as axial dispersion
  • Increased acceleration of reaction screening and optimization 
  • Greater insight into reaction kinetics and for experimental support of reaction modeling