Revised USP Chapters 41 & 1251 on Balances
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Webinar: Revised USP Chapters 41 & 1251 on Balances

On Demand Webinar

Concept of Minimum Weight and Measurement Uncertainty

 Revised USP Chapters 41 & 1251
Revised USP Chapters 41 & 1251

Revised USP Chapters 41 & 1251 are an important reason to learn how to prepare for compliance and get in-depth knowledge about the concept of minimum weight and measurement uncertainty. Learn how you can save on redundant costs.

Klaus Fritsch
40 minutes

Revised USP Chapters 41 & 1251 on Balances.

General Chapters 41 "Balances" and 1251 "Weighing on an Analytical Balance" were revised in 2013.

Have you updated your balance SOP yet?

Learn from the GWP® weighing experts of METTLER TOLEDO how these Revised USP Chapters 41 & 1251 will affect your balance quality management and applicable SOPs, especially in the framework of determining minimum weight and executing routine testing. Officially, you have an alternative, more user-friendly option to determine minimum weight. In respect of routine testing, a risk-based approach is suggested to determine the type and frequency of routine tests, and consistent with this approach, a recommendation to carry out a daily balance check is not included anymore.

Key Learning Objectives for revised USP Chapters 41 & 1251 Webinar:

  • Get detailed information on the new requirements described in the USP General Chapter 41 "Balances"
  • Learn which tests have to be periodically performed on balances used for quantitative analysis and which acceptance criteria apply
  • Learn about the two alternatives to assess and calculate the minimum weight of your balances
  • Get insight into the risk-based approach to performing balance routine testing as recommended by USP General Chapter 1251 "Weighing on an Analytical Balance"
  • Learn about the proper weight selection for balance routine testing
  • Understand that the General Chapters do not talk anymore about daily balance checks

Target Audience:

  • Laboratory Managers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) Professionals
  • Engineering Managers


Revised USP Chapters 41 and 1251

Hosted by:

Klaus Fritsch, Ph.D. is Manager Compliance within the Global Business Area Laboratory & Weighing Technologies at METTLER TOLEDO. He consults the industry to achieve compliance with their applicable regulations when using weighing systems. In this role, Klaus is actively involved in USP, ASTM, and EURAMET expert panels.