Webinar: How to Calibrate a pH Meter

Learn Why Proper Calibration Is Required for Improved Accuracy

Program Overview

  • Why is pH calibration essential for accurate pH measurements?
  • What are the steps and considerations while preparing for pH meter calibration?
  • How to calibrate a pH meter correctly?
  • How to troubleshoot a failed pH meter calibration?

Accurate pH measurements are critical across fields, including healthcare, environmental science, and biotechnology. Calibration is an essential procedure in your pH measurements to produce reliable and consistent readings. Over time, pH electrodes are affected by contamination and aging, leading to inaccurate readings. The calibration process addresses these deviations by setting a reference point for precise pH measurements.

Our on-demand webinar provides step-by-step guidelines on pH calibration techniques. It covers important topics like proper preparation of buffers, meter adjustment, and troubleshooting common issues. Strengthen your pH calibration skills—sign up for our on-demand pH calibration webinar!