Performance Upgrade with POWERCELL® technology - Improve Accuracy ¦ METTLER TOLEDO
Know How

Performance Upgrade for Tank/Silo/Hopper Scales with POWERCELL® Technology

Know How

Increase profitability by improving accuracy, safety and uptime

Gravimetric level control is one of the most accurate inventory control methods available. Its high degree of accuracy makes it ideal for measuring high-value solids, liquids and sometimesgases.

METTLER TOLEDO has the expertise to upgrade existing tanks/silos/hoppers or vessels with modern weighing equipment or even to replace other technologies, such as flowmeters, to improve accuracy, reliability and uptime.


METTLER TOLEDO Weigh Modules offer:

  • Real-time diagnostics for predictive maintenance
  • Reliable measuring of aggressive, hot or frozen material
  • Accurate inventory control for non-free-flowing or non-self-leveling materials
  • Safety during installation and daily operation