Free Brochure about Weighing Components for Instruments and Machines - METTLER TOLEDO

Free Brochure about Weighing Components for Instruments and Machines

The new brochure presents a comprehensive range of weighing components. They are designed for easy mechanical and electrical integration into precision instruments, machines, process plants, tanks, vessels, hoppers and conveyor systems. Most components have global metrology approvals like OIML, NTEP and ATEX, FM for hazardous area.

The brochure offers information about:
  • Weighing terminals for process and logistic industry with fieldbus connectivity.
  • Weight transmitters for fitting on DIN rails in control cabinets
  • High precision weigh modules with weighing capacities from 10g to 3000kg. The smallest readability is 0.000 001g.
  • Compression weigh modules for floor supported tanks and conveyors with integrated features for safety and expansion.
  • Tension weigh modules for suspended tanks and hoppers with integrated safety features.
  • Single point and single ended beam load cells for direct integration into machines, platforms and tanks.
  • Canister and ring load cells for tanks, silos, vessels, vehicle and rail scales.
  • S-Beam load cells for use with suspended tanks, dosing hoppers and other devices that are suspended from a support structure.
  • Analog junction boxes for easy connection of multiple load cells to weighing electronics.